Our aim is to provide the best all-around services possible. Whether this is for e-commerce, search engine optimisation, web development or database work. To help this we often provide links to customer sites.

Why seed a site?

Firstly without the initial seed, search engine “spiders” will be unaware of the existence of a site or page. In former times, it was possible to seed sites by simply filling in a short form belonging to the SE in question. Whilst this is still possible for some SEs, increasingly such pages are simply ignored, so this no longer forms any key part of a seeding strategy.

Instead the best way to get your foot into the door of the SEs is to be linked to from another web site, especially one of some prominence and longevity. As ukcentric.com was launched in 1999 and has been online ever since there’s no better place to see our sites than right here. Once the SEs have begun to pick up and index your site, it should take just a matter of days or weeks before the entire site is indexed, and pages start appearing in SE queries.

Another key part of the strategy is to build links for sites from elsewhere. Going back to the early days of Google for example, when things were less complex, a vital measure of prominence on the web was the “backrub” factor. This means the most prominent sites are those that are linked to from the most other sites. And this flows to the next level – sites which are linked to from prominent sites are themselves considered prominent, whilst sites linked to from non-prominent sites are considered less prominent.

There is an opposite effect too, wherein sites which are linked to from spammy sites, “link farms”, etc, can sometimes be considered to be in a “bad neighbourhood” for links, and as such can lose prominence points themselves.

In terms of Google prominence is often measured by Page Rank – a ranking from 1 to 10 which the search engine ascribes to a site depending on its prominence on the web. However this measure is rather a crude and
ineffective one, since it is only a customer-facing indicator, and not one that the search engine actually ranks sites on when presenting results to keyword searches. It is a good indication of general prominence,
longevity and inbound link status.

On this page we have links to our favourite web sites, our customers’ sites and important web design and development portals.


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