SEO means seeing your business at the top of Google’s search results – page one – position one.

Every company or organisation has different SEO needs. So at UKcentric we offer a tailor-made solution that is built around your requirements and your budget. To speed things up we recommend signing up to one of our three bands of SEO service, and we can customise your solution from there.

The services – before we start

Keyword analysis

The starting point for your SEO success comes from analysing the keywords that customers are likely to use to find your business. To do this we will carefully examine your site’s content, word by word. We’ll then use our in-house tools to compile a list of the top keywords which your business must be found under. Once we’re agreed on the list of keywords to target, we can begin work.

Platform targetting

Where should your content be found? On Google’s web search? On Image Search? YouTube? Facebook? The mobile web? We’ll find out where your best audiences are looking now – and that’s where we’ll target our SEO efforts.

The services – month by month

Onsite optimisation

Onsite optimisation refers to improvements we can make to your existing site to ensure search engines can find it and index your content easily. Most sites are built by web designers, not search engine experts, and many actually discourage search engine ranking. Common problems are badly worded or non-existent page titles, unreadable text, poor or missing “meta” descriptions (the descriptions search engines read that are generally invisible to the web site visitor), keyword stuffing (too many of the same keywords on one page), badly organised content. We’ll fix these problems and keep fixing them as new content emerges.

Article building

The best way to reach the top of Google (and other search engines) is by providing your visitors with useful and interesting content. That can translate to informational articles, news articles, or other content that is relevant to their search. Search engines are extremely sophisticated and focus first on user relevancy. Sites rank highly when they are most relevant to their target audience.

How do search engines know when content is relevant? Metrics for measuring relevancy can include the numbers of visitors who click onto a page and then immediately click away (known as bounce rate), the length of time visitors stay on a page, the number of Facebook Likes or Google+ recommendations and many other metrics.

We’ll build articles for you that accurately target and really help your audience. As experts in content-generation we know about writing and can produce exciting, engaging content that your audience will love and appreciate. And therefore so will the search engines!

As well as producing the content, uploading it and staging it on your site, we’ll be cross-linking your new pages so that there are even more ways to find your content.

Link building

Social Media Optimisation

Almost all SEO campaigns now include a social marketing optimisation (SMO) strategy to run alongside it. Increasingly, the main search engines are using social signals to rank sites. These include Facebook Likes, Twitter followers, tweets and retweets, Google+ recommendations and others.

Our SMO services will include managing or contributing to your Twitter feed, Facebook page, and increasing the audiences across all social networks. The aim is to spread the word virally so our typical approach is to produce content that we know your users will love and want to share.

Reporting and feedback

SEO and SMO are useless unless we can see and measure how the campaigns are performing. We’ll provide a monthly feedback report with a summary that contains progress on all the keywords and social signals. Our report contains a one-page executive summary, followed by a detailed reports on all our operations and progress.

Black hat vs white hat

You may have heard that some SEO companies rely on “black hat” techniques. It’s true there are ways to artificially manipulate search engine results to get a quick boost to your site’s rankings. However, these techniques are known to lead to penalities in search engine ranking and therefore UKcentric are strictly a white hat-only company. We’ll never do anything which may jeopardise or threaten your rankings or your appearance in search engines.

Other marketing strategies

At UKcentric we recognise that SEO is just one of the tools in the marketing toolbox. Alongside SEO we also recommend Pay-Per-Click marketing and other forms of paid advertising.