These terms and conditions form a legally binding agreement between you and UKcentric Ltd, the supplier of the Service. Your statutory rights are not affected.

New registrations

UKcentric Ltd will use its best endeavours to effect the successful registration of a domain name itself or through its agents as requested by the Customer. UKcentric Ltd does not accept any liability whatsoever in failing to register such domain names requested by the Customer.

It is the Customer’s responsibility to ensure that the details provided for whom a new domain is to be registered are correct and valid at the time of submitting a new domain name registration to UKcentric Ltd. Details must include the registrant’s name, company or individual’s name, full address, post code, country, a valid email address and international telephone number.

Cancellation of registrations

UKcentric Ltd does not operate a cancellation process for new domain name registrations or refund any charges in respect of the domain name registration.

Domain name transfers

Transfers to or from UKcentric Ltd are completed free of charge where UKcentric Ltd holds an account with a recognised registrar or naming authority. When requested to transfer a domain to another host UKcentric Ltd will endeavour to complete its obligation within 5 working days.

Where UKcentric Ltd is not the administration contact of a domain name UKcentric Ltd gives no warranties for the completion of any transfer.

Exception: No domain name can be transferred to an alternative host if a Customer’s account is in arrears whether the domain is owned by the Customer or not.

Domain name renewals

Where UKcentric Ltd acts as the billing contact with a recognised registrar or naming authority UKcentric Ltd will via make every effort to advise the Customer of the due renewal of a domain name. If the Customer fails to receive or respond to renewal notices the domain name shall not be renewed. In no circumstances will UKcentric Ltd be liable in the event of failure to renew a domain name, whether or not reminders have been sent or received.

Amending domain name registrant’s details

If UKcentric Ltd is the administration contact for a domain name the Customer will when appropriate request UKcentric Ltd to amend registrant’s details accordingly. These changes will be effected by UKcentric Ltd free of charge except where a change of ownership is applicable.

Naming authority/registrar charges

Domain name registration/renewal fees will be paid by UKcentric Ltd on behalf of the Customer.

Use of domain names

The registration and use of domain names on the internet are subject to the relevant naming authority/registrar with whom the domain name have been registered.,,,,


.com, .net, .org